Before Europe was Christian, people in Germany thought trees were special and had magical powers. Once Christmas became popular they kept the tree as a symbol of the promise of Jesus to never die, since pine trees stay green all year. Queen 抗癌食物Victoria made them popular for the world. Lindsey Bard
  在歐洲人變成基督教徒之前,德國人太平洋房屋認為樹木是特殊的,並且具有魔幻力量。當聖誕變得流行,他們把樹保留下來,作為信守耶穌不死的象徵,因為松樹四季常青。維多利亞女王把用聖誕樹慶祝聖誕節的風俗流行到了全世界。  (原標題:The history of the Christmas Tree story)


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